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hi, i'm victoria. 23. canadian in tasmania.


if any of you could give me some advice about what to do about frequent panic attacks that would be v wonderful because my best friend is currently having a really rough time with them and I want to help him but I don’t know how and it’s awful

What has been causing him panic? Panic disorder is different from generalized anxiety because the panic will likely be about specific situations/fears. Exposure therapy is common but often needs to be administered by a mental health professional after assessment (and sometimes combined with pharmacotherapy) . If you’re looking for practical how-to’s though, teaching relaxation is often helpful in the short term.. For example

- deep breathing
- mindfulness
- senses 5-4-3-2-1
- progressive muscle relaxation
- guided visualization

Good luck :)

I fell for you the way a train
wrecks itself,
the way a wave crashes into the shore.
It looks like fear
and it feels like recklessness.
So maybe we’ll destroy each other,
ruin and break each other
but God,
what a way to go.

Tina TranThis is for you  (via 24ribs)

(via 24ribs)

Wicked Game by James Vincent McMorrow

(Source: musical-blog)

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